Position Yourself As an Expert in Your Field

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Do you find it difficult to put on your ‘marketing hat’ to go out there and promote your book and your expertise? If so, you’re not alone. To get past that mindset, remind yourself that the knowledge you have shared in your book, is just what your target audience needs. As the author of a business book you’re considered to be an expert on your subject, and as such your knowledge and skill will help so many more people who are looking for guidance and information on your topic.

Here are Three Ways to Begin Establishing Yourself as an Expert in Your Field:

Article writing: Many authors write articles for magazines and newspapers and get paid for it. Search for regional, national or international magazines that target the same people who might purchase your book and query them with article suggestions. It’s preferable to be paid for writing the articles, yet even if there is no payment having the chance to promote your book is a plus. Quite often there’s a possibility of having your bio included with the article and a link to the website where you’re promoting the book.

Public Speaking: Public speaking can be quite lucrative and there are many authors who have been very successful in creating a second career as a speaker for trade shows or group functions. As a person who may be used to working alone in an office writing it can be a difficult transition to stand in front of a crowd and speak. The secret is to be prepared and have your material organized and presentable. You’re the expert remember?

Workshops and Seminars: What better way to teach people about your topic than putting on workshops or seminars to businesses or related groups? With today’s technology the workshops or seminars can be delivered online as a live webinar, or pre-recorded and sold as a series of training programs. However, you may find that you prefer teaching in an on-site environment where you can interact with your students personally. Regardless of which method you choose, there is a bonus to you.

Whether you advertise in the newspaper, write an article or teach a class, the purpose is to unleash your potential, become known as an expert in your field, and increase your book sales. Each of these methods provides a chance for you to get our book and your message in front of more eyes. They are marketing opportunities that shouldn’t be ignored.

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