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wedding location

I would like to address formal and informal weddings and elopements. If you would like a formal wedding, there are many beautiful hotels and restaurants in the area that specialize specifically in weddings and receptions. Most reputable restaurant and hotel venues will not charge a facility fee if you will be ordering food, beverages, and/or hotel rooms for your wedding reception and/or guests from them. Also, make sure that the venue is not next to a parking garage. New Orleans parking is limited, and it is unlikely that a parking lot will close or be quieted for your ceremony.

Beautiful Hotels and Restaurants

I will be happy to offer recommendations, simply email me for more information! There are many outdoor locations to elope to or have a formal wedding in New Orleans. You can choose from many romantic and tranquil park settings, the Mississippi River, or the festive and historic French Quarter. (See photos on the left for examples.)

A Great Historic Location

For elopers and smaller weddings, I like to marry couples outside in the French Quarter at a great historic location called Washington Artillery Park. (Click here for a map.) It is a free public place. It overlooks St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square in one direction and the Mississippi River in the other. The horse-drawn carriages work from this location as well.

Early Morning and Late Evening Weddings

Often a small crowd of tourists gathers to watch and applauds the ceremonies afterward. It is picturesque and historic — and definitely New Orleans! At night, it is lit very well. The Cathedral is also lit in the background (it is difficult to capture on film at night, however). If the moon is bright, it is especially beautiful. Daytime weddings can be festive, depending on the activities in the area (street performers, jazz bands, riverboat music, etc.). Early morning and late evening weddings can be very romantic and quiet at this location. Jackson Square and the Mississippi River “Moon Walk” are a stone’s throw away, and are great locations as well. There is a wonderful garden and fountain area at the French Market (free). It is very nice for day weddings.

Many of my couples take a horse-drawn carriage ride to and from — or after — the ceremony. It can be very romantic! The last price I have is $60 per hour. The drivers cannot serve alcohol, but you can bring your own champagne/sparkling cider and glasses for a toast on the ride. That is OK with the drivers. The carriages only work within the French Quarter.

If you prefer a more serene wedding outside of the French Quarter, Audubon Park in Uptown New Orleans has a beautiful and picturesque pond at the Magazine Street entrance. The pond has steps leading to it from an outdoor Greek-type pavilion. There is also a flower garden, fountains, and oak trees draped with Spanish moss at the St. Charles Avenue entrance. These areas are free unless you specifically reserve an area for your private use. This park is very well-groomed!

New Orleans City Park is another option. It is closer to the French Quarter than Audubon Park. City Park’s lovely Sculpture and Botanical Gardens are meticulously groomed. The outer areas are left more natural, offering a backdrop of enchanting bridges and other structures surrounded by majestic oak trees draped with Spanish moss. Again, aside from the Botanical Gardens, these areas are free unless you specifically reserve an area for your private use. The Botanical Garden is a fee-only area that is regulated by the park.

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