Web Content Development

Web Content Development

Developing your web content is a vital factor in your online success. Your content is responsible for converting a visitor into a buyer. Many aspiring webmasters believe that content is not that important. This idea is flawed because your content is the key to your success. If a visitor finds no interest or value in your content then they will leave your website and seek information elsewhere.

You Need to Design Your Content in a Specific Way in Order to Accomplish 2 Things

Be found relevant by the search engines so your content appears in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Be engaging enough to lead your visitors into your Sales Funnel (Element 2)
There is an exact science to developing your content and this section of SEO20/20 is devoted to teaching you this simple process.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization and Website Blueprinting

Website blueprinting is the first critical element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will bleed into Elements 5 & 6 as well. This section of SEO20/20 is dedicated to teaching you the fundamental skills you need to dominate your market by crafting the design and content of your website in a way that establishes “ultra relevance” to the major search engines. Because 95% of all traffic online originates from someone seeking answers in a search engine, it is vital that you learn this or you will always struggle for traffic based on the latest fad or trend in the Internet Marketing community.

The moment you own these skills will be the moment you can stop seeking advice because you will know how to find your own “unbiased” answers. The most important aspect of SEO is called Website Blueprinting. It makes no sense to design the layout of your website unless you have completed Element 2 (Online Sales Funnel Development) or Element 3 (PPC Testing). If you skip straight to website blueprinting then you will be designing a website and content based on UNPROVEN results. This is a big mistake.

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