5 Tips for Trading During Volatile Markets

Trading During Volatile Markets

Greater volatility in forex market shows more profit making opportunities for the traders. The price of
currency pair swing may be in loss side or in profit side. However, unless you trade carefully and wisely
your profits can easily turn into losses. During volatile markets, many traders get spooked and start to
question their trading strategies. This fact is true with the novice traders, who are mostly tempted to
pull out of the market altogether. Traders must follow some precaution while trading in volatile
markets. While trading in such a market situation, traders must follow the steps below:

Be Choosy While Placing Trades:

In order to get the benefits of the opportunities offered in volatile markets, traders get tempted to place the maximum number of trades. You must learn to avoid such temptation. Don’t forget that in volatile markets, losses are likely to be big. So, before placing trades, determine the level of risk involved in trading and be selective while
picking up the trades.

Trade with smaller trade positions: Leverages has a great impact on the trades when the
market is volatile. Traders must be aware of how much leverage being traded by them that
can’t affect their portfolios. Well, in simple market conditions, placing a trade with 2 lot position
is pretty good when you are planning to make around 50-100 pips. But, in volatile markets,
traders should look to taking on smaller trading positions.

Trade under discipline: It is well said that discipline is the major key to profitable trading. When
you see that the market is volatile, then you must trade with discipline. Restrain yourself from
making silly mistakes and also try to stick to your trading budget and strategies. Try to
implement risk management strategies that will definitely help you in reducing your risk ratio.
Tighten your stops: It will really work in your favor, if the market is volatile. Tight stops can help
you to protect the position of your currency in the market. Try to place stop with few pips. This
will help you to manage risk in a better way. So, don’t feel shy to use tighter stops in volatile

Try to search out what is making the market volatile: Try to figure out the reasons that are
making the market volatility and also keep yourself prepare for the unexpected situations. Once
you will figure out the actual reason, you will easily handle the situation by making right trading

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