Thai Airways

Thai Airways

When you’re flying in South East Asia you’ll find that the airline scene is often dominated by names such as Singapore Airlines or even Air Asia – making Thai Airways the unfortunate underdog in most regards. As part of its effort to compete, however, it always retained cheaper seat prices than most other alternatives – but unfortunately, the low price also corresponded with low-quality service. For quite a long time many associated Thai Airways with being one of the worst airways out there. The food was bad, the inflight entertainment was almost non-existent, the staff was notoriously poor, and the planes themselves were relics of a bygone era in aviation.

Over the Last Few Years in Particular,

Over the last few years in particular, Thai Airways has gone on a drive to bolster their deplorable reputation and has started to fix the majority of the complaints that their passengers often have. The first of these has to do with the older aircraft that they have slowly updated to Airbus A340s and are now even updating all of those to the newer Airbus A330s. With these newer planes come the one feature that has often infuriated passengers of Thai Airways because they did not have it: TV screens on the back of seats. Unfortunately because of the fact that this upgrade is still ongoing, some of the flights that you take on Thai Airways will be with their newer planes while others will be with their older planes – and it is hard to tell which plane you’re going to get on in advance.

Thai Airways has going for it is the price of tickets

Over the years these problems and the stiff competition in the region have led Thai Airways to cut back many of the routes that they used to run. Overall however they still run a very complete route map, and with Bangkok airport, as their base of operations, they are easy enough to use as a transit hub. Long story short the biggest advantage that Thai Airways has going for it is the price of tickets which normally is a real bargain. However, you should be aware that if you do take advantage of these prices then you shouldn’t expect much. That being said, if this airline does manage to modernize its fleet and services then it might just be truly worth considering when flying in the region and overseas simply because of its excellent route map. Who knows what it might do in the years to come, but for now it remains an airline that will need time before it can actually reap the rewards of the steps that it is taking to rectify the problems that it had.

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