Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Many consider Singapore Airlines to literally be the best airline in the world – and cite its unrivaled attitude towards service to be the reason why. Generally speaking, Singapore Airlines does exceed expectations, but you should be aware that your experience may differ from others. In most cases, this is because the services provided vary not only depending on the class that you fly – but also the type of aircraft that you’re flying on!

Economy Class

In Economy Class, Singapore Airlines does not differ too much from other airlines – but that is to be expected. After all, most Economy classes tend to offer just the bare minimum. That being said, the quality of the cabin crew is top-notch, and they are generally helpful and polite, which is a definite plus. Meals are tasty, and a free flow of most beverages (including alcohol) is provided. If you’re a wine enthusiast – don’t expect amazing options, however. One of the only qualms people have is the leg room, which is really a complaint common to all Economy Classes throughout the airline industry. On some of Singapore Airlines’ older aircraft, however, the seat has a metal leg rest that can be uncomfortable for tall passengers and may even dig into your leg at times. All in all – Economy in Singapore Airlines is as good as it would be anywhere else, and better in some cases.

Business and First Class

‘When it comes to Business and First Class, Singapore Airlines really shines in terms of services. Not only do you have amazingly comfortable seats, but you’ll find a variety of other options such as laptop ports, internet, wide-screen TV, and meals that really are of the highest quality. Of course, this varies depending on the aircraft that you’re traveling on. Regardless, you’ll still find that on both Business and First Class you can ‘book’ the meals you want in advance – and get a wide variety of options available. Some of Singapore Airlines’ long haul flights have ‘First Class Cabins’ which literally means that you get a room to yourself. In fact, Singapore Airlines will actually arrange to have you picked up and brought to the airport and help you get checked in as quickly as possible.

In short – the service really is extensive.
Everything about Singapore Airlines in First and Business Class reeks of luxury, and in fact the one complaint some people have is that the seats are simply too wide that they find they have to wedge themselves in place sideways during turbulence to avoid being tossed around. All in all though – if you like traveling in style, Singapore Airlines is definitely the way to do so.

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