A list of Upcoming New Releases in the Film to Stream or Rent

Film to Stream or Rent

Not only superheroes and great sequels, such as Top Gun: Maverick, have the potential to be able to sweep the current billboard, which is made up mostly of sagas and franchises. With only four days of stay on the big screen, Jujutsu Kaisen The film has managed to harvest 600,000 euros, more than half a million.

For the time that the film has been in theaters, we will talk about some very solid figures that reaffirm anime as a more than viable option to be able to make theaters work like silk again. And it is that although part of the normality of yesteryear has returned, cinemas still go through a very severe adaptation process, since the public already only goes to see the films or projects that have ties to stories that they already know, for the most part.

The anime is also a main course within the current billboard As you can see, the box office that the film has achieved is higher than what Kimetsu No Yaiba put in his pocket: 550,000 euros. Although it is clarified that this was done in just three days last year. Anime is slowly gaining ground at the box office and it is likely that over time many more feature films will end up landing on the big screen. In fact, this summer we are waiting to see what happens with the deployment in Europe of Dragon Ball Super.

Love and Thunder

The Dragon Ball movie could be the key to finishing starting the machinery for the genre, which of course is already positioned as one of the main ones in post-pandemic contemporary celluloid. The highest-grossing movie of 2022, yes, is still Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which recently surpassed The Batman and will also land on Disney+ on June 22 to make way for Thor Love and Thunder.

We are facing a Japanese animation film different from the usual. It describes the ghostly visits of Rika Orimoto, a girl killed in a car accident in front of her best friend, Yuta Okkotsu. They had a promise “When we grow up, we will get married.” Then, the great magician Satoru Gojo receives him in a sorcery academy in Tokyo, where he finds in his students the value lost by such a tragic circumstance. Unusual plot premise for a very special anime, a prequel to a manga created by Gege Akutami, in which a villain also intervenes, Suguru Geto, is ready for tremendous evil. This gives rise to a sublime love song, in which surrealistic motifs, magic in abundance, and a sibylline terror are also inserted, illuminated by a spectacular chromaticism.

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