Pay Per Click testing (PPC) testing becomes important the moment that you have finished developing your sales funnel from Element 3. This section of SEO20/20 is dedicated to teaching you the essential skills necessary to create a successful test. Testing will allow you to hone in on the best copy and best process that will move a visitor towards purchasing the product or service that you are offering.

In Order to Set up a Successful Test you need to

Set up analytics or web stats on each page of your sales process. This is done in order to find your “effective keywords” and your “money keywords”. Your money keywords will become the future themes of your website which will be covered in Element 4 (SEO) and Element 5 (Web Content).

Join some good pay-per-click networks and set up your campaigns.
Run your campaign for at least 100 clicks but the more the better.
Gather your effective keywords from the campaign
Gather your “money keywords” from the campaign
Tweak your sales process to increase conversions

Move to Element 4: SEO

Pay Per Click testing is a way of surveying the live market to determine which keywords and key phrases lead to sales. When you know what keywords lead to sales then you know how to construct your website for maximum impact in the search engines and your market.

Online Sales & Sales Funnel Development

Online sales and developing your sales process (sales funnel) becomes quite easy and rewarding once you have done your market research to discover profitable markets and hot products to sell to those markets. Once you understand what to sell and how to sell it then developing a sales process becomes an easy proposition.

What exactly is a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a process that you drive your website, visitors, through in order to convert them toward buying products or services that you discovered through your market research. If you already have a product or service then I hope you have done your homework before developing it. Nothing is worse than spending time and money to develop a product that has no market or has a much more limited market than what you envisioned.

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