Opt-In Emailing

Opt-In Emailing

Probably the best way and safest way to send your email message to a “targeted” mailing list. This list contains email addresses of people who have “willingly” joined your list or “opt-in” and have given you permission to send them emails. If this is the type of emailing you would like to do, we can show you exactly how to do it, and there are no lists to buy. You will learn how to build your own targeted list and regularly market to this list for many years. The great thing about targeted lists is that since the email recipients are open and willing to receive your emails from you, your chances of success are greatly improved. You will usually get more orders and make a lot more profit when you send your emails to your targeted list.

Here are Some Good Reasons to Send to an Opt-In / Targeted List

  1. Your sending-to-sales ratio is greatly improved. You will receive more orders even from a small mailing list because the list is targeted. Just remember, a good list is a targeted list.
  2. Not upset anyone since they have given you “permission” to send them emails.
  3. Do not get into trouble with your ISP since no one is complaining about your “spamming”. Most ISPs will allow you to send commercial emails out if it is your own “opt-in” list.
  4. No need for bulletproof web hosting, blind open relays, bulk ISP, or getting others to send your email. You can send your company’s website address and email address to your recipients without worrying that they will shut you down.
  1. No more wasting time trying to find another ISP to send your emails out.
  2. Keep in touch with customers on a regular basis and build great relationships based on rapport and trust. By doing this you generate REPEAT BUSINESS and REFERRAL BUSINESS!

We can teach you the same techniques that large companies like Excite, Microsoft, and AOL are using to market effectively. And why do you think these large companies are using email marketing? BECAUSE IT WORKS! Most other marketing methods don’t even compare to the success you can achieve with bulk email.

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