Why Authors Need to Have a Book Signing Event


Imagine your book sitting on a shelf attempting to attract the attention of someone who needs all of the information you’ve written. It’s probably sharing shelf space with its competitors and needs a little help from you to get the word out that’s its available. How do you do that?

One very effective method of creating attention to your book is by having a book-signing event. Self-published authors don’t have the luxury of having a publisher or distributor to help promote their books; they have to take care of it themselves. It doesn’t have to be difficult or costly.

Look around your neighborhood or community for possible locations and don’t restrict yourself to just bookstores. Search for places that relate to the topic of your book. For example, if your book is about plumbing you should organize an event at a local building supply store, or if it’s a book about children’s issues look for community centers or places where families or children can be found, maybe even a toy store.

There’s no reason to hesitate or feel intimidated about the prospect of approaching the owner or manager of your target location. You’ve earned the right to be proud of your book, and having your event at a place of business is of benefit to them as well. You’re the expert, people need the information and it’s advantageous to everyone by having your book signing at their place.

Once you have permission and agree to a book signing, make sure you provide them with signage, event notices and information on you and your book well in advance. Urge them to send out emails or notices to their client list and you should market the event as well. Post the occasion on every accessible online medium including on your own website and social media accounts (you could even create a FaceBook event). Both of you will benefit by the advertising.

Boost your credibility by being prepared. It’s important to dress professionally but comfortably, have a couple of extra pens, plenty of books, a method of collecting payment and a receipt book. This is probably a good time to have a stack of business cards or maybe a give-away item.

Be welcoming, put a smile on your face and enjoy yourself, because you’ve worked hard writing your book, publishing it and are now promoting it by meeting the people who will read it and tell others about it. If this is your first time attending a book signing, you might be timid and feel a bit uncomfortable with being exposed at a live event, yet remember that people love to meet the person who wrote the book and make a personal connection with them. Then again, in that moment, they are more likely to purchase.

If you’re not doing book signings, you may be leaving cash on the table. There are numerous approaches to advancing your book, and having a book signing is one of the excellent ways of doing it. Plus it can be fun, so consider setting up your own book signing event.

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