Nail Extensions

nail extensions

Nail extensions are also called artificial nails, false nails, and acrylic nails that are placed over natural nails. When we meet someone either we do handshaking or by simply waving our hand, the most noticeable thing is our hands. Beautiful hands add to the overall personality of a person. From ancient times women loves to take care of their hands and also loves to decorate them. In ancient times in Egypt, long nails signify status and prosperity.

Nail extensions can be called fashion accessories or can be described as a way to get beautiful nails that appear natural. But artificial nails require touch-ups after 2 to 3 weeks. Any nail shape can be selected according to your wish such as the square, oval, squared oval, round, edge, lipstick, almond shapes, etc. Not everyone can grow long nails naturally, so nail extensions are the best option if you want to have long nails.

There are 3 Types of Nail Extensions:

Acrylic Nail Extensions: One of the oldest form of methods to acquire false nails. A tip is first applied to the natural nail and then a liquid monomer and a powdered monomer are mixed together that result in the formation of a hard and thick layer that is applied over natural nails by the use of glue. When this mixture is exposed to air it gets hardened. Then shaping and a shiny finishing can be done.

Characteristics of Acrylic Nail Extensions

Remains for a long time
Good for those who have a bad habit of nail-biting since they are very hard
Good for weak and brittle nails
Less expensive than gel nail extensions.

Gel Nail Extensions

It is a kind of mixture that can be applied directly on natural nails so that natural growth of nails can be ensured or we can apply it on top of any artificial nail extension. Fine layers are applied along with exposure to UV rays so that hardness can be achieved but they are flexible actually.

Characteristics of gel nail extension:

• There is no need for mixing solutions.
• Safest method as compared to other methods.
• Not harmful for natural nails rather helps in nail growth.
• Good for short or bitten nails.

Silk Nail extensions: Also called fiber nail extensions. This method is not popular as other methods are. Pieces of fiberglass are cut and applied using glue over the nail tip.
Benefits of silk nail extensions:
• Provides strength to natural nails.
• Gives a natural look.
• Helps in repairing torn or cracked nails.

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