Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

The market leader in telling the facts as they relate to Internet Marketing & SEO for 2008 and beyond. Watch this brief 90-second introduction video to get a glimpse of what we have to offer you and your existing or future online business. Internet Marketing is a subject that is full of fairy tales, lies, and deceitful misguidance by gurus and profiteers The power away from Internet marketing gurus and profiteers to place the power of Internet market domination firmly in your hands in a no-hype, no-sales pitch kind of way.

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In order to compete in today’s online marketplace you have to be able to sort out misinformation & hype from the “TRUTH” or you will fail. When you become well-rounded in the “8 Essential Elements” then you have the power to dominate any market online. You will be able to make money in any market that you focus on and you will gain true security for yourself and your business.SEO20/20 covers these 8 elements in full and explicit detail including audio, video, and written action steps that will move you firmly into the new generation of Internet Marketing.

SEO 20/20 is a tool for both beginners and experts to quickly locate online marketing information and resources that are accurate, up-to-date, and tested. SEO 20/20 is a place for savvy Internet marketers to come and be educated on up-to-date fundamental business-building knowledge, software, and tools. SEO 20/20’s mission is to give you the knowledge, tools, and power to dominate any market that you choose to focus on no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.

This Website is For You if:

You have an offline business that you want to bring online.
You have an online business that is getting less than optimal results.
You have never conducted business online and want to get involved.
You are completely new to any business of any sort and you want to make money online.
Each section below represents a fundamental element of Internet Marketing that cannot be ignored if you wish to succeed online.

Market Research & Market Discovery

Market research is the beginning of any Internet promotion. Internet Market research includes:

Profitable Market Discovery
Back Engineering Competition
Product Discovery
Market-Driven Keyword Research
Discover market trends by immersing yourself in the subject matter related to your market.
Discover the top markets within any market.

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