How To Grow Your Ministry

Grow Your Ministry

There are no simple and easy fixes to expanding your congregation and ministry. You must be willing to invest a lot in the process but know that all of the time and effort put into it will pay off in the end. Let me show you the process we take in order to decide the best way to grow your ministry. 1- Be open to change Having a positive attitude and a clear mindset will allow you to be more available and receptive to change. Dream big about innovating and expanding your church.

Pray and ask God for guidance on what direction is best for your church’s growth. There will be many obstacles and bumps along the way, but keep persevering because the reward of a strong congregation will be the result. 2- Clearly establish what your church needs Setting specific goals is an essential step in deciding what the church exactly needs. Keep time frames in mind. Set deadlines for when you want to have accomplished a task so that you will stay on track. Having great leadership helps create a more inviting atmosphere.

Consider developing a clearly written mission statement to represent what the church stands for. The mission statement will help create a common goal not only for the staff but for the church members to follow as well. 3- Utilize a strong team Although the pastor is seen as the main figure of each church, having a well-united team makes each service run smoothly. Each staff member and volunteer must be willing to work together to help the church thrive.

Have specific tasks for each person to perform and accomplish so time and effort are being used efficiently. Building relationships with each other helps create bonds to ensure the entire team is working together and on the same page. Remember to encourage and give feedback to each staff member and employee. 4- Involve your church members Church members can be your strongest resource. People are often quite willing to give back to the church and their local community. Find a few local organizations where the church staff and members can volunteer together a few times each month. It is great for the church to be involved in its community.

Invite church members to meetings so their suggestions and needs can be taken into consideration. Creating trust with the members helps maintain retention. 5- Create an online presence With technology and social media rapidly developing, it is key to stay up-to-date by creating a website and social media accounts. Inform the congregation of all media outlets by mentioning it during service and adding the information to the bulletins passed out at each service.

You could even take it a step further and create daily devotionals that can be emailed to members who subscribe to the emails. Add a recommendation to share the email with friends and family. This allows each subscribed member to share their own ministry, which then promotes the church but also can potentially lead others to build a relationship with Christ. Once you have established the church online, consider recording the sermons and posting them to the website. This allows members to review sermons and also watch the sermon if they missed that week’s service.

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