How To Determine Your Personal Style

Style Men Your Personal Style

In today’s modern world, we are constantly bombarded with images and messages about products that claim to help us lead fabulously glamorous, sexy, and stylish lives where women fall at our feet. Product brands advertise that they can help us to drastically improve our looks, and clothing companies promise us that donning their clothes will increase our popularity and mystique. But there is no one product that is the answer to great style for all of us because style is not cookie-cutter. Style is a personalized and individual concept.

Tall and Slim with Fair Skin

One of the most important keys to determining your own style signature is to focus on your personal physical characteristics. You should always know which features you want to emphasize, and which you want to downplay. For example, if you are tall and slim with fair skin, you probably want to select clothing items that do not make you look particularly skinny and pale, right? It is then wise for you to select shirts, ties, and sweaters in rich jewel-tone shades.

Your Personal Hairstyle

Avoid pastels, as they can tend to make you look washed out. Look for jackets that are double-breasted and have cool details such as interesting buttons, as this will help to add dimension to your shape. You may also wish to shop for pants that have a cuff or a pleat on the front, both of which can help add a little bit of width to your thinner frame.

look Professional Pretty

The second key to determining your personal style is to consider your setting and appropriateness. A surfer in Miami, Florida is obviously going to have a different type of style than a realtor in Chicago, Illinois. But they can both certainly be stylish based on their setting and what is therefore appropriate. Typically, a realtor, along with many other business best online marketing casual professionals, does not always need to dress in a suit but does need to look professional pretty much all the time.

Flat-Front Trousers, and Button-Down Shirts

He needs to appear confident and trustworthy in order to attract and retain clients. The surfer, on the other hand, probably spends most of his time in swim trunks but needs to have a professional wardrobe on hand for photo opportunities, nice dinners, and interviews. Both men can build their wardrobes using the same key pieces such as sports jackets, flat-front trousers, and button-down shirts.

However, the surfer may look for clothing in lightweight cotton, while the realtor may opt for wool. The surfer may wear boat shoes to a dinner out, while the realtor may stick to oxfords. The surfer may pair a lightweight sports jacket with a tee shirt and Madras shorts, while the realtor may stick to button-down shirts and khakis with his sports jackets. Both men are stylish, but both men have also responded to the environment in which they work.

The final component to determining your personal style is to create a style trademark that is unique to you. For example, come up with an interesting tie style that is personal to you, wear a colorful pocket square, or choose slightly offbeat but still classic footwear, such as navy blue suede shoes. Wear a necklace that is an interesting conversation starter, such as one made of a bullet, a guitar pick, or the tip of an antler. To maintain appropriateness in your setting, start with a core wardrobe of items that are good for your environment, then establish these personal touches on top.