Star Look With Elvis Inspired Hairstyles For Men

Hairstyles For Men

If you are a lover of rock and roll music and love to flaunt your love for the Rock and roll king, Elvis Presley opting for his hairstyle which is hot this season would be the right choice. This 1950s hairstyle is popular among men and many are ready to flaunt their look with this rockabilly hairstyle. This Elvis-inspired hairstyle for men features a thick, dark, and wide sideburns and backcombed sleek look that is often termed as “duck’s butt”. This quaff hairstyle was hot in the 1950s and came back in the 1980s and has now made its comeback within a few months.

Significance of Elvis-Inspired Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is a signature of Elvis Presley who reined the rock music world that featured the top having long hair and the sides having short hair. Even after their death, Elvis continues to inspire many youngsters of today with this sleek hairstyle as he is identified easily with his signature hairstyle. Retro hairstyles are liked by many men as it has very less maintenance and can be styled with very less time. There is no need to get a special haircut for this style but you can easily style it with the help of a variety of stylish products. But it is essential to have the bangs to style it into a retro hairstyle.

Greaser Hairstyles

There are also greaser hairstyles for the retro look of men which is a typical 1950s hairstyle. But this hairstyle would require high rates of maintenance and a lot of styling products. There are lots of Elvis-inspired hairstyles for men such as dyeing the hair in blonde color featuring long and thick sideburns.

Hollywood Style

Then there is a Hollywood-inspired style of Elvis that features black dyed hair sans the sideburns.

Long Hairstyle

Then there is a long hairstyle that featured long hair and his trademark sideburns. You can color the hair with black or blond dye to suit the hairstyle you choose

Mutton Chop Hairstyle

Another striking hairstyle inspired by the rock star Elvis is the mutton chop hairstyle with sideburns. This hairstyle would feature very long and thick sideburns coupled with long hair and clean shaven look. This hairstyle derives the name from its resemblance to a mutton joint featured by the sideburns. This hairstyle is highly popular among the youngsters of today and they are keen on growing long and thick sideburns in order to get the desired effect. To look good while trying such Elvin Presley hairstyles, it is essential to grab a good hair color of a dark shade, stylish gel, and other styling products to get this retro look. To add a touch.

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