Email Marketing UK

Email Marketing UK

Why choose Email Marketing Solutions for your email marketing campaign? Email Marketing Solutions takes the pain out of producing excellent email marketing, whilst still giving you complete control and visibility of the process.

Email Marketing Solutions

Our Managed Approach means that Email Marketing Solutions can cover everything from creation and design, to broadcast and response measurement. This allows you to get on with running and managing your business. Email Marketing Solutions is quick to respond. If you have an urgent need such as an event, sale, or promotion that you want to tell your customers about quickly then we can help.

Managed Email Service

When you choose our fully managed email service we will become your virtual marketing team. We can deliver as much or as little of your email marketing strategy as you want us to, working with your marketing agency if necessary to ensure that your email communications are delivered efficiently, read by your audience, and drive response. As an expert email marketer, Email Marketing Solutions ensures that every communication works hard towards meeting your objectives and engaging with your prospect.

Your Complete Client Lists

Our systems can import your complete client lists, targeted, purchased, or if you require access to our huge B2B database of business emails. All our clients have access to our easy-to-use online reporting and analytics tool, allowing you to monitor delivery and initial response. We also carry out detailed campaign analyses and provide recommendations for future testing and roll-out.

High-Reward Marketing Channels Email

When it comes to low-cost, high-reward marketing channels email has no rival. To ensure that you are kept informed of new products, news, and developments coming from Email Marketing Solutions then, please make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter.

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