Communist Bunkers Open for Tourism

Communist Bunkers Open for Tourism

Albania is utilizing its rich communist history as well as leftist earnings to have its own financial favor. The country has thousands of bunkers made during the communist era. Albania is now looking to alter these bunkers into tourist attractions. They are now thinking to keep beds in the bunkers and then rent those to the tourists who are willing to stay in the bunker and savor the communist history of the country.
Developers are providing a new shape to a brand new tourist concept to the coastal town of Tale, which is situated around fifty kilometers away from Albania’s capital. Ten Albanian students and ten German students are making a tourism script that could repeat itself in other countries where communists had perceived threats and fought outside forces.

The Students are Now Working

The students are now working on a project that would change the bunkers into a hostel that would give space to 8 people. The plan would also allow the tourists to allow the visitors to relish the countryside with the gun slits of the bunkers. The whole structure is situated under the concrete dome which is 1.3 meters dense. During the communist rule, this kind of bunker was quite common. In that period, the whole country was dotted with bunkers which used to be a sign of isolation and distrust. But right now, Albania is expecting to make money out of these. This tourism plan is meant to benefit local people. The bunkers would have mattresses, wooden mattresses, a kitchenette, and a shower.

Become a Pizza Chef in Albania

Abu Bakker Qassim is really a unique pizza chef. He is a Uighur from the northwestern part of China. In the year 2001, he was held up in Pakistan and then detained in Guantanamo. But Bow Qassim is making Pizza in Albania. Abu Bakker’s journey was really extraordinary. It separated him from his family permanently from his family in China. He was going to Turkey when he first left his homeland in Xinjiang. He has a plan to get a new job at a leather factory in Turkey. He first came to Central Asia and went to Pakistan. There he wanted a visa to go through Iran. Then he went to a Uighur village in Afghanistan and the village was near Tora Bora, just after the 9/11 assault. The United States forces had already started bombing suspected militant regions and Uighur village was one of their targets.

First, he and his friends were hiding in caves and then they crossed snow-covered mountains to go to Pakistan where villagers welcomed them as guests and sold them to the United States forces. He spent around 6 months in Kandahar on the United States air force base and 4 years in Guantanamo with around twenty more Uighur men. After leaving Guantanamo, he went to Albania and settled there. His lawyer told him to learn something so that he could earn his livelihood. He decided to be a pizza chef as he loves cooking and he knew that people of this country live Pizza, therefore, it was easy for him to learn.

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