Christmas Decorations Around The House will Keep The Spirit

Christmas Decorations

Young Kids love decorations – especially Christmas decorations, so why not keep them happy with our superb Christmas decoration range? Two’s and Three’s probably won’t have the attention span to play organized games, but they love to have Christmas decorations around the house. Christmas decoration is fun but remember a few safety tips. Be extremely careful with the balloons. Keep inflated ones up out of reach of young children, and dispose safely of any broken or deflated ones. (Just ask someone who works in an ER how quickly a child can be suffocated by a balloon.)

Christmas Decoration Contest

Create invitations to be sent to your family, friends, and co-workers using the Mr. Snowman invitations. Make sure you mention in the invitation what the event is so people will come dressed accordingly. Plan the event for a Friday night or Saturday so you have plenty of time for the event. Also – make sure there is going to be plenty of snow for this. If you are in a state where there is no snow, substitute the snow with Styrofoam balls, toothpicks, and spray cans of fake ‘snow’ and have the activity indoors and include other Christmas decorations to add to the feel.

Decorated Your Table

Have everyone come in their winter snow clothes. Divide them into teams making sure there are a few adults and a few children on each team. Mark off 10-foot sections in the backyard. Give each team a bucket of water, an ice pick, a shovel, some food coloring, and a bag of Christmas decoration goodies. The contest is to build the most creative snowman. Take a boom box outside and have Christmas music playing while everyone is working (Frosty the Snowman) invite everyone inside for the next part of your party. Inside you will have decorated your table with the Mr. Snowman basic theme party for 8 (307276).

You’ll serve everyone hot cocoa or warm apple cider or wassail and a variety of sweets such as brownies, cookies, donuts, or muffins. Or – you can do dinner and serve chili and breadsticks. This is great for cold weather. Have everyone share their favorite Christmas story. Make sure to take pictures of the snowmen and later on you can send the developed picture to your guests in a Christmas Card.

Have a Gingerbread House Christmas decoration contest Make sure you mention in the invitation what the event is so people will come dressed accordingly. You’ll want to make sure to get to the store and purchase a few Gingerbread House kits and other sorts of Christmas.

Divide everyone up into teams making sure there are adults and children on each team. The idea is to build the most creative candy house. Play Christmas music while everyone is working and make sure to

give them a time limit. When you are done, have a judging team award could be for the most traditional house, most hip house, best decorated, tallest, shortest, most colorful, or for who used all the items they were given, etc. – they can then be part of your Christmas decoration arrangements.

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