Causes Of Hair Loss In Children

Causes Of Hair Loss In Children

Most children suffer from hair loss problems that may be caused due to several reasons. Here we will discuss different causes that are responsible for developing this problem:

Causes Of Hair Loss

The condition is also known as scalp ringworm. It is considered an inflammatory problem, caused due to fungus that often occurs in children and that turns into a round shape patch. It may break off the hairs from the scalp and turns into the black dots that start appearing over there In case, your child is suffering from these symptoms then you need to consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis. The treatment includes antifungal medicine such as griseofulvin which needs to be taken through the mouth for almost 7-8 weeks. You can refer to antifungal shampoo for your kids like selenium sulfide. It helps to eliminate the fungus discharge. Make sure that your kid avoids sharing things that get touched to their heads which includes pillows, brushes, hair bands, and hats.

Alopecia Areata

It is a non-communicable disease where the immune system attacks the skin organ that produces hair, responsible for causing hair loss in children. It suddenly appears in the oval or round patch of hair fall. Approximately 25 percent of kids are suffering from pitting of their nails. It is not possible to permanently aid alopecia areata but it can be controlled through effective treatment. Few people may get back their hair in a few months but this will not be the same with everyone. Re-growth of hair is quite unpredictable and patients tend to lose their hair rapidly. The treatment includes creams that need to be massaged to the affected areas to get rid of this problem.


This type of hair loss is caused due to the plucking, twisting, pulling, and rubbing of hair by a child. It also enhances the problem of hair fall that turns into large patches due to broken hair. There are a number of reasons such as stress or anxiety that increase the risk of developing Trichotillomania in children. It is recommended to avoid mental stress to get rid of this hair fall problem. Stop your child if you notice he/she is trying to pluck or pull hair. There is one more condition, which is known as traction alopecia, caused due to tight ponytail or hairstyle that often damages your child’s hair.

Endocrine Problem

In a few children, the hair fall problem occurs due to hypothyroidism, which is a condition where the thyroid is underactive and produces less amount of thyroid hormones, required for effective regulation of metabolism. It can be diagnosed through blood tests and also by scanning the thyroid gland. Medications are also used to treat this condition by replacing the deficient hormones. The following factors are responsible while treating this problem:

  • Age, medical history, and health
  • Stage of disease
  • Tolerance power of the child for treatment procedures
Non-medical Causes

Apart from medical issues, there are some non-medical reasons that cause hair loss problems. Kids belonging to the age group of 3-6 years may have a bald spot that caused due to friction with the crib mattress. Hair loss can also be caused because of hair abuse by tightly pulling the hair into a ponytail which leads to hair fall. It would be better to deal with hairs more gently that allow them to re-grow.

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